Why Timeshare?

Owning timeshare allows you to prepay for your vacation accommodations in advance, providing your family with a lifetime of luxurious vacations at today’s fixed, low rate. Timesharing (also called vacation ownership) enables individuals on a variety of budgets to enjoy annual, week-long vacations at premium resort properties without the exorbitant costs and hassles of outright ownership.


What Exactly Is time share membership with Nebula Holidays?

Time Share membership of Nebula Holidays is entitlement of 7 nights’ accommodation in a year for 25 years at Dwarka Lifestyle Resorts Pvt Ltd owned and operated five-star resort located at Dwarka, Gujarat.


Is My Usage Ownership Guaranteed?

Yes, Absolutely! You are the absolute owner of your guaranteed stays. You are required to make a booking of your desired dates at least 14 days in advance and reservation shall be subject to availability at the resort.


What if I do not want to use the entitled 7 nights stay?

Gift - You can gift the room nights to your loved ones and resort will be delighted to host them. However, there shall be a nominal guest charge for the same. The same can be checked with reservation executive before reservation


What if I don’t want to Vacation in any particular year or all the years?

You shall have an option to surrender your room nights to the company for letting it out to the customers at large. You shall earn a rental income of 50% of the gross room revenue generated by the resort for the particular category of room. The company shall provide you a time window before the start of the year for surrendering the entitlement.


Do I Earn Rental Income on My timeshare membership?

Yes, Absolutely! Your timeshare membership will Generate Rental Income for you if you surrender your room nights to us for letting out.


What is the rental income that I can expect?

The rental income calculated based on the method will be paid on quarterly bases. The Revenue share for a particular quarter will be computed in the following manner:
Total room revenue from the executive rooms/ no of rooms nights under management = Average Room rate-ARR (Executive rooms) ARR * % occupancy (Executive Rooms) * % share * 7 days / 4 (as being paid for 1 quarter) = Timeshare member‘s Revenue Share
Average stabilised room rate= Rs. 6500/- (Rupees Seven thousand only)
Type of Room:   Executive Room
Percentage of Revenue share:50%
Considering that the executive rooms category had an average occupancy of 75% (Seventy Five per cent): 6500 * 75% * 50% * 7 / 4
Earnings: Rs 4,266 (Revenue for time share owner for a quarter)


Are There Any Recurring Property Maintenance Charges?

Naturally, There Are Recurring Charges Towards Keeping the Property in Pristine Condition - Both For Your Use As Well As For Generating Rental Income - Spotless Upkeep of the property, Maintenance Of Interiors, White Goods, Furnishings, Linen, Crockery, Cutlery & Room Services.
The amazing aspect of your membership is s. That you generate from your membership or the huge savings that you generate by staying at your own luxury property instead of other resorts, more than covers for the maintenance.
To make it simple if you use your entitlement, then only you pay for annual maintenance fees and if you don’t use then you don’t pay and in fact we pay you the rental income.


Are These Properties Owned by Club Nebula?

Yes! Nebula group has Ownership of These Properties.
This Implies That You Have Full Control over Your timeshare membership.


For Which Destination is the timeshare membership?

The timeshare membership is for our 5-star resort Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham located at Dwarka. Furthermore, the timeshare membership entitles you to RCI membership for 3 years which provides you access to all the location of RCI directory in India.
The members shall be able to use the stay entitlements in other selected resorts of Nebula Group, details of which shall be notified on time to time basis along with exchange ratio depending on resort category and average yearly room rate.


What if I don’t take a holiday in a year, or if I want to take a longer holiday?

The Membership model offers you the flexibility to holiday as much or as little as you want. Here’s how it works:
Carry Forward: Not applicable as either it will be utilized or it will be surrendered.
Advancing: 1 year’s room nights can be availed in advance subject to availability.
Split: You shall be able to split your stay at Dwarka resort in three parts. Split option shall not be available when you utilize the RCI platform for booking.


How do I pay for a timeshare membership?

We offer EMI as well as one-time payment options.


Can I gift a holiday to friends and family?

Yes, you can authorise any adult to use your holiday entitlement by notifying the company at the time of reservation and paying the appropriate guest fees (where applicable).


Can I transfer my timeshare membership to friends and family?

Yes, you can transfer the timeshare Membership and even bequeath it by notifying the company and paying the appropriate transfer fee. Transfer of membership is possible only after the payment for the membership has been completed. However, you are required to check the company policy on time to time basis.


Is food included in the package?

The stay entitlement shall include one breakfast for 2 Adults & 2 children for the first three years of membership.


If I use only 3 or 4 days, will I get revenue for rest of 4 or 3 days?

No. As the option to surrender the entitlement shall be available before the start of the year and for the whole entitlement i.e. 7 nights.


Is there any minimum guarantee for the revenue in case I don’t utilize my stay?

Our Dwarka resort is currently running at 80% occupancy and the current occupancy level one can assume to get following revenue if he/she surrenders the entitlement.
6500 * 80% occupancy * 7 Nights * 50%= 18,200 per year
This timeshare membership is for 25 years, the above assumption is for current year which can be expected to go up and beat the inflation.
There is no minimum guarantee provided for revenue share. The above simulation is based on assumption and the same shall be as per the performance of the resort.


Will I get any additional benefits at my stay under this package?

20% discount on F&B and spa at Dwarka resort shall be offered to time share members.


If I book my room under this package and have to cancel last minute, what is the refund?

There shall be a 14-day cancellation policy wherein room night will be credited back in the member’s account if the cancellation is done 14 clear days prior to the date of check-in.


Can I use my week holiday by booking 2/3 rooms for lesser days?

Yes. You can split your holidays into 3 trips at Dwarka. If you chose RCI, you have to use it in one go.


Can I gift 2/3 days from 7 days to someone, or need to Gift entire week?

You can gift a portion.


What are the terms of RCI membership renewal?

The cost of first 3 years membership is borne by Nebula. After 3 years Nebula shall help the members to renew the RCI membership at discounted rates.